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Walking The Path To Our Destiny

How many times have we fallen from our wagon as we went on our journey of life? We have gotten bruised, tormented, hurt, handicapped for a while, yet somehow, we find the way to move on. We don’t have a choice. We have to pick up our broken pieces, somehow put them together like a puzzle, make some sense out of it all and move on. This is our journey and our own path to destiny!

The challenge that we face as we go through this journey is to discover our own hidden truths. There is a reason that we fall and get hurt. It is to help us wake up and learn more about ourselves. Most often, it is through pain, hurt, and heartache that we can tap in and learn who we really are. Lessons learned the hard way is the only way we can elevate, grow and reach our full potential. For every tear shed and every inner hurt bruise, there is a sacred hidden wisdom to be found, learned and hopefully, one day shared!

Through this journey, oftentimes, our strength and perseverance are tested as well. Going through heartache and pain is not easy for people to overcome. Oftentimes, many people give up on this journey of life because the pain, torment, and fear that they are experiencing are very overwhelming. They witness and experience stress, diseases, illness, and much more. It is a tough road, but the only ones who end up at the finish line have the determination and the will to survive.

As we go on this path, it is also very important that we don't lose our direction and get misguided. It is very easy to get fooled and allow our minds to create scenarios for ourselves. It is only through experiencing the hurt and pain with our hearts and not our minds that we can realistically overcome the rough terrain on our journey. Always remember that the heart tells the truth. Believe in yourself and listen to your heart as it will give you the right direction of your path.

The journey of life! The path to our destiny is a tough road with many challenges and obstacles. Always remember to be aware and learn the lessons that are brought forth for you. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to experience the hurt and the pain as these experiences help you elevate. Lastly, let your heart lead the direction as it knows best how to guide you towards the light, eternal peace, and the land of Milk and Honey!

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