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The Power of Intuition

Ever since we have been a child, we have been told the right thing to do. Society has planned a blueprint for our lives to follow and reach success, glory, and happiness. We have been programmed to go to school, finish college, get married, have children, and live happily ever after. Yet, this plan is not a sure proof for us to reach our happiness, purpose, and reason for being on this planet. What has been lacking is incorporating our heart’s desire which has been gifted to us ever since we were born.

Being already programmed from our own heritage and background, we enter this world. We have to navigate our lives through rational thinking and experiences to make well-thought-out decisions for ourselves. It's like going through the tidal wave of the ocean as we battle each wave while trying to stay afloat and not sink into the bottom of the ocean. I often say that with each breath you take, you unravel the truths of life as you go through your journey. The process of life for some people can be very routine and mechanical, but not for those who are conscious and aware of their guiding light or, as I call it, their own intuition.

I will not talk about the intricacies of intuition, which you can probably read on the internet. Still, instead, I would like to give you hands-on experience of intuition in my life that has helped me fight the tidal waves and finally helped me reach my heart's desire to create my clothing company, Sima Collezione. As a young girl of only 9 years of age, I was placed in a disposition to learn classical piano. This journey took most of my adolescent years. By the age of 17, I entered the University of Southern California, and by 20, I was already married. For the next 20 years, I raised my children and became a piano teacher. My rational mind was steering the wheel through those years. I tried my best to create the best life for my family, as again, this is what our preconditioned mind is supposed to do.

The true testament of my intuition started rising when at 36 years of age, I lost my good friend to ovarian cancer. Fearing that I would share the same destiny one day, my inner voice, intuition, started knocking at my inner walls, telling me to wake up. A soul awakening happened that prompted me to go on a journey of my inner consciousness.

As my intuition led the way, I was challenged to face my own demons, strengthen my weaknesses and polish my own flaws. The only way I could do this was because I solely on my own decision to listen to my inner voice guiding me the way. The journey of your own consciousness is a painful one, and it can only be cleared if you have an awareness of your own issues. This journey lasted for 14 years until my intuition guided me to go against all odds and prompted me to manifest my own heart’s desire. At 50 years of age, I pursued my dream, my vision, and my mission. I created my clothing company Sima Collezione!

With a clear mind, soul, and spirit, I have taken on the assignment of empowering women throughout the world and helping build positive consciousness through my clothing company. My vision is to help women shine their own individual beauty and inner light.

I want to help women tap into their own confidence within rather than what the superficialities of the world outside expect. Through my clothing company, I would like to help women incorporate all the positive forces of nature, such as love, compassion, kindness, peace, and charity. Through Sima Collezione, I would like to create soldiers of light until eternity!

I am truly grateful and honored to announce that Sima Collezione will be featured at the New York Fashion Week this September!

Dreams do come true with the Power Of Intuition!

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