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Taking the production to Italy

After coming back from Paris Fashion Week on September 30, 2022 and being featured organically on top World Fashion Press for the third time in one year, I had to really think as to how I wanted to take forward my passion and my dream of Sima Collezione.

A lot of opportunities did come my way. I was faced with many decisions that I had to make. For example, I had an opportunity to partner with a big fashion house company in New York and start selling and distributing Sima Collezione in over 19 countries. It was a fascinating opportunity as I could spread Sima Collezione all over the world. I was thrilled with the idea and started looking into partnering with manufacturing companies. I was introduced to many production companies here in Los Angeles and abroad. I went and visited the production teams and saw their facilities. I realized that here in Los Angeles, they are not specialized for making top quality couture dresses. I was introduced to production teams in India, South Korea and China. After talking to them, I again realized that these places are not a good fit for the production team of Sima Collezione. It is very important where Sima Collezione is produced as the production team has to understand the vibe, essence and the beauty that these dresses carry.

On February 11,2023, I traveled by myself to New York and witnessed that the fashion house team in New York was definitely not the place where I would like to present and position Sima Collezione. New York represents so much of fast fashion and that is not what Sima Collezione is all about. After New York, I traveled to Italy.

As soon as I put my foot on the grounds of Milan square where the Duomo is located, I realized that this is where I belong and Sima Collezione belongs. I remember I told one of my friends that I was so overwhelmed by the Duomo and the streets of Milan, that deep down in my soul, I knew that I belonged there. The Fashion Capital of the world infused with the spirituality powers of the Duomo was the right fit for me and my dream of Sima Collezione.

During my stay In Italy, I traveled to the outskirts of Naples, and I met the most renowned production teams in the world. I remember, I woke up one day and my friend told me “ Sima, this is the new chapter of your new life!” I remember, when he told me this, I did not realize what he was saying but now that I look back on that day, I get exactly what he meant.” That day, I went to a production company who had made the one of a kind dresses of Oscar De La Renta for over 10 years.

They were the nicest ladies who were so interested in bringing back elegance, class and integrity back into the world. I also went and visited another production team who had made some pieces for Versace, Etro and Fendi. They were so interested in Sima Collezione that they were ready to start the production immediately. The last production team that I visited during my stay in Naples was going to a small store where a gentleman by the name of Jariel appeared. His character, passion and kindness truly took me by a surprise. I went with my friend and learned more about him. Jariel had tremendous experience in creating haute couture evening dresses as he used to work for Maison Valentino for over 7 years.

I was so impressed by his personality and kindness that I was so certain at that time that I was going to work with him. After spending 10 days in Italy, I flew back to Los Angeles with a great amount of clarity and vision of how Sima Collezione was going to move forward. My initial instinct of naming my brand “ Sima Collezione” proved true to the fact that these dresses were going to be made in Italy.

Now confirming my initial instinct, the new collection of Sima Collezione short dresses will be made by the two ladies who worked with Oscar De La Renta and the new collection of long dresses will be made by the one and only Jariel with

worked for Maison Valentino for 7 years. I am very optimistic about the future of Sima Collezione. “ May God help me on this journey of bringing back light, elegance, raw essence of beauty, balance, equilibrium and most importantly integrity back into the fashion world

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