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Faith Or Fact?

We are told all our lives to listen to facts and follow the logic and do whatever that makes sense. We are programmed to make the smartest decisions and always try to do the right thing. We spent many years of our lives reading, researching, and educating ourselves in order to make the smartest choices for ourselves and the people around us. Yet somehow we fall short in our journey. We face obstacles, difficulties, experience pain, fear, anxiety, and much more…

The question that I want to address is whether it is smart to follow facts or follow our faith. Fact is a set of logic that we are told to learn in order to educate ourselves. Faith, on the other hand, is sacred wisdom that we are born with but that is dormant most of our lives. The fact can help us get from one point to another. Faith can help us live happier lives. The fact can help manipulate or convince a certain person or a situation. Faith can help you have everlasting peace. The fact can help you rise on the ladder of life. Faith can sustain you and give you your true heart’s desire. Which one would you choose?

Through my own experiences of life, I have come to terms that you cannot live one without the other. It is a balancing act between your mind (fact) and your heart (faith). It is a game of seesaw where you have to balance yourself in order not to go way up high and not to fall down on the ground. It is a fine line between following facts and making the right decision and yet on the other hand listening to the wisdom of your heart. It will take most of our lives to master this balance but then again this is one of the most important reasons that we are here on this earth. The intricacies between the mind and the heart or in other words, fact, and faith is an everlasting challenge in our lifetime.

Follow your own path in life. Learn to follow facts but yet be in tune with your heart’s desires as well. Educate yourself but at the same time listen to what your heart says. Do the right thing as you are told but always know what makes your heart happy.

While living in the material world, we have to follow facts, knowledge, and rules but never forget the magic of the divine that only speaks through your own heart!

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