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Do you chase or sit and attract?

The journey of life can be a challenging one. Every day, we go through many different kinds of experiences. We learn and grow each day and take every obstacle as an opportunity to learn and grow as we go on through our life’s journey. Oftentimes, we are faced with making important decisions regarding our businesses.Faced in a crossroad, which way do you go?? What opportunity are you going to accept.Most of the time, we are walking the world of the unknown, not knowing what to do and which way to go!!! For the past 3 years, I jumped into the world of the unknown and created my clothing company, Sima Collezione.

Ever since its inception, doors have magically opened up for me only for the sole reason that I listened to my own intuition. Facing many obstacles and resistance at the beginning of my journey, I decided that I was going to block the noise outside and listen and only listen to my heart. Since Sima Collezione is my dream, passion, my legacy but most important my soul’s calling, it was more important than ever for me not to listen to the statistics of how normally a business logistically moves forward, but more importantly to listen to my heart. From the beginning of this project, I decided to only work part time, where I have enough time during the middle of the week to think and feel about the decisions that I was about to make on Monday.

Each day that would pass, I would get a better understanding of what decision I was about to make at the beginning of the week. Most importantly, I always stayed true to my vision of Sima Collezione and did not allow myself to be influenced by other people’s opinions or comments. So far, I can say for certain that my method has worked and has proved amazing results. Ever since the inception of my company 3 years ago Sima Collezione, my fashion collection, has been featured in 5 international fashion shows, top worldwide fashion press and now being produced by the top production team in Italy. My suggestion is if you are truly passionate about your cause and your mission, stay true to your vision no matter what and block off all the naysayers and all the resistance that you will probably receive.

My next suggestion is when making an important decision, take time and allow yourself a couple of days to reflect before you move forward. Most importantly, you will know you are on the right path when you actually see the results. It is the results that will give you clarity as to how to move forward. In summary, in order to achieve true results, you need to sit and reflect rather than run and chase!

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