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We spend most of our time throughout our lives creating connections to help us facilitate our journey of life. We think by creating connections with friends, family, co-workers, we can create new experiences, opportunities and can build a better life. Do these connections really help us or hinder us in fulfilling our own destiny? These connections or bonds that we create are just a prelude of time and space or are these connections real and forever lasting? What kind of connection is important? The one that we have with ourselves or with the people around us?

Throughout our lives, our mind takes on a precedent role of steering us through our life’s adventures. We use our logical minds to meet people who intern guide us in regards to marriage, work and raising a family. We spend a lifetime refining our roles in our marriage, family and workplace. We strive to better ourselves in these roles and relationships. These connections and relationships help us experience life. For example, we watch our own students grow up. We witness the birth of our own children. We watch our own children grow up. We experience life with our husband/wife and much much more… Yet, through it all, we realize that all of these connections and relationships have not defined us as a person. The only connection that truly defines who we are, is the connection that we have with ourselves!

Finding out who we truly are and believing in ourselves is our life’s biggest challenge. Building the connection with ourselves no matter how challenging should be the ultimate goal. The reason we are here on planet earth is to empower ourselves in order to make the world a better place. Building a connection with ourselves defines who we are and what our mission is.

Over the past year and a half, ever since Covid, I decided to create a connection only with myself and I can say with confidence that it has paid off. I was able to launch my clothing line at the New York Fashion Week last September and I have been invited to feature my collection in Milan and Paris Fashion Week. I am truly humbled and thrilled as I was able to do this by listening to my own intuition and by creating my own internal connection.

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