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Beauty Out Of Ashes

How many years of our lives have we spent dealing with the stories and the scenarios that live and breathe in our own heads. We have suffered, experienced pain, have gone out of whack, and much much more. We have gone through a battlefield in our own minds, not knowing why we are fighting and not knowing what the outcome will turn out to be. We are living in the field of darkness and fighting with every breath to survive and understand the demons that are in our heads as well as our minds. This is the journey of life and we all have our own wars to conquer and win!!!

As we are born, we go through our childhood as well as our adolescent years experiencing much trauma. Our innocence is taken away from us rapidly by our own parents or the people who are the closest to us. Not consciously knowing, our parents and our peers inflict pain on us. As a result, we quickly create a mask for our own protection, and further we start playing different roles and personalities. These masks, different roles, and personalities are carried with us for most of our lives. It is the war between our innocent child and the masks and role playing that create a battlefield of war in our heads as well as our minds all through the journey of our lives.

It is very possible to win this war and create peace, harmony, and beauty in our lives. With perseverance, faith, and hope, we can overcome our own obstacles and follow our own childhood dreams and passion. We have to get the right ammunition and tactics on the battlefield and win our war to create our own Beauty out of Ashes!

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