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Are you a Victim or a Warrior?

Oftentimes, we live our lives taking the easy way out. We like to create stories or scenarios in our heads to justify our position on certain issues. We can have a brilliant mind to convince ourselves and the people around us about how certain reality or a truth really is. But the question that I would like to address is whether it is the truth or just fooling ourselves and the people around us!

Coming from the lineage of a Holocaust survivor, I faced my life with strength and perseverance. My grandmother was just 14 years old when she fled the persecution of Germany during World War II and came to live with her mother in Iran. She created her own life in a foreign place and lived for 30 more years even after my grandfather passed away. Not once did she ever see herself as a victim but lived her life with strength, gratitude, humility, and grace.

Life is a test, and we are challenged to face our issues daily. The only way you can pass your test and reach your potential and destiny is by being strong and facing your fears every step of the way. You have to be a soldier of light and or a warrior and fight through every inner struggle and pain to survive to manifest who you truly are and at the same time be a positive contribution to the world. If you create scenarios in your head and act as victims, you will go back to your own rabbit hole and live in your own shell of darkness. The choice is yours!

Do your part and act like a warrior rather than a victim. There is a beautiful world after the darkness and the pain you experience in life. Lead with strength and humility rather than fear and shallowness. We all have an assignment in our lives, and the only way to accomplish our mission is to battle our own demons and fight our own weaknesses. As long as you are on the journey, with hope and faith, your guiding light will lead you the way to the promised land. Trust your gut and lead with your intuition. There will always be resistance and doubt, but stay your own course and walk your own path. Believe in yourself and only yourself as you reach your destiny and full potential.

Choose a warrior rather than a victim and see how your life unfolds and how you discover your own truth!

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