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I met Trish Steele at the Global Women Conference in Los Angeles the first week of May in

Orange County. It was my first time attending a global conference where I was received with so much warmth and compassion by all the ladies who were there. Not knowing what experiences I was going to encounter or who I was going to meet, I gave myself the permission to go there, have fun and see what would happen.

The conference consisted of about 60 ladies coming from all around the world. They had come, not only to network and meet new people, but truly there existed such camaraderie and genuine compassion that I had not ever experienced before. There was such truthfulness and authenticity among these ladies that honestly I had never experienced coming from a Jewish Persian Society.

I met a lot of new people and made a lot of friends. All of these ladies were very established in their field of occupation but what truly struck me was their level of humility and grace. I

immediately resonated with this and for the first time in my life, I felt at ease and at home with honestly total strangers.

Trish Mangold who is a Global Women Leader is wearing the orange dress of Sima Collezione at an event supporting Children’s Hospital Orange County.

During the two day conference, I had the opportunity to go and speak about Sima Collezione. To my own surprise, I did pretty well. After my presentations, many people came up to me and expressed their sentiments as to how well I spoke. Being under the shadow of my husband all my life, Honestly I never knew that I can actually make a presentation, speak at ease and get my point across.

The two days that passed by, was a great experience for me but I remember that one incident stood out and that was when I met Trish Steele. Trish is a consultant, beauty coach and a public speaker. I remember that day she was on the panel of speakers. The word that stood out for me when she was speaking was “patience.” I remember that word resonated with me because that is exactly what I am doing with Sima Collezione. I am being patient so as the right pieces of the puzzle come together for my dream and my legacy. I immediately went and talked to Trish and bought her book “ Mind made out of Steele”

The following day, Trish invited me to go to the Mag Gala in New York for a fundraiser fashion show in support of domestic abuse and emotional abuse women who have been helped to free themselves and have walked the path of dark to light. Without any hesitation, I accepted the invitation, bought my airplane tickets and left for NY on May 17th.

I attended the event at the Plaza Hotel on May 18th 2023. I wore my white dress which I had

worn walking down Paris Fashion Week last February 28,2022 and with all humility, I have to

say that I was the belle at the ball.

I am wearing Sima Collezione White Gown at the Mag Event

As I entered the Ballroom, a great feeling of joy and happiness enveloped me. I was among

people who actually value kindness, courage, bravery, beauty, light, compassion, and all the positive forces of the world. I immediately felt so much happiness. The night was just very beautiful as I met new people, walked on the red carpet as well as had

an interview.

Jean Shafiroff, Luisa Diaz / Photo credit: PMC / Mark Sagliocco)

Ernie Anastos, Luisa Diaz, Alan Brown (Photo credit: PMC / Mark Sagliocco)

Luisa Diaz, Ernie Anastos, Runway of Hope Participants (Photo credit: PMC / Mark Sagliocco)

I flew back home on May 19 2023, feeling excited as well as inspired. Knowing deep down that there are good people that stand with strength for humanity and kindness and that my mission of Sima Collezione is alive and well and is moving forward with renewed strength and passion.

Because of the Mag Gala on May 18, 2023, New York Mayor announced that day to be the

official day of kindness for all people of New York.


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