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The mission of Sima Collezione is to empower women by bringing out each woman’s inner beauty and light. Each sale will help another person in need through the brand’s charity. For the first time ever in the world, Sima Collezione has incorporated heart and soul within a unique, high style, couture evening wear dress collection.It has brought  elegance, class, style, integrity, balance and equilibrium back into the fashion world.  Each of the dresses exemplify a story which represents the themes of love, faith, hope, compassion and charity. The dresses are custom made with exquisite silk fabrication and refined with Swarovski crystals and other embellishments. The dresses are a work of art and stand to bring back positivity, inspiration, strength and empowerment for the ladies who wear them. Most importantly, Sima Collezione wants to spread positive consciousness for all the women around the globe. Come join the journey of Sima Collezione and help create an everlasting movement around the world! 

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2021 - TOP 100 FAB Leaders Awards

2021 - Brainz Crea Global Award       

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